About Me

I am currently a graduate student pursuing a PhD in Biological Sciences in Dr. Seth Bordenstein’s lab. My dissertation research is in the genetics of Wolbachia-induced reproductive parasitism. I am broadly interested in research on microbiology, microbe-host interactions, genetics, and entomology and am currently pursuing a career of research in microbial symbiosis.

I am also passionate about bridging the gap between scientists and the community through STEM outreach, teaching, and mentoring. I believe that engagement with students and communicating research with the public are key for the advancement of science. I lead and participate in many initiatives to build these connections.


PhD Candidate, Biological Sciences

Laboratory of Dr. Seth Bordenstein

Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

2014-Present (anticipated graduation December 2019)


B. S. in Microbiology

B. S. in Chemistry

Take 5 Scholar, 5th year Fellowship Program

University of Rochester, Rochester, NY



Connect With Me:

Twitter: @jiperlmutter



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